Choose their Dream Fights

As a ‘sport’ mixed martial arts mainly revolves around the sweet science that is matchmaking. You’d expect: Good Fights = Happy Fans. So with this concept in mind, we decided to poll some of the StipeTapped elite staff members and our humble fans for their opinions on a few dream fights they’d like to see; whether it being from the past, present or future.

Ciro Crispino – Rumble Johnson Vs Pretty much anyone

When Ciro was asked this question, he was certain about one thing, and one thing only. He wants to see Rumble Johnson locked back into a cage. A few of his potential opponents were as follows; Rumble Vs Greg Hardy, Rumble Johnson Vs Yoel Romero, Rumble Vs Francis Ngannou and so on and on… Though all we can do is sit and hope for Rumbles would be comeback.

Casey Bach – Daniel Cormier Vs (Prime) Cain Velasquez

This would be the Heavyweight bout of a lifetime. Before Cains knee was imploding he was arguably one of the best heavyweights to ever grace the confines of the octagon, holding notable wins over competitors like Brock Lesnar & JDS. Just try to envision an alternate reality where these two absolute warriors don’t train together at AKA (Imagine Cain is at AKA and is Jones main training partner).

Emeric Datié – Dana White Vs Oscar De La Hoya

This is the fight that just about everyone wants to see. Dana White has often touted his amateur boxing background (That there’s zero evidence of happening) we’ve seen Dana talk up his abilities so much, so why doesn’t he fight Oscar De LaHoya and prove to the world that he can actually fight?

Desmond Madden – Nick Diaz Vs Bruce Lee

Stockton’s finest son (Son’s – we love Nate too) against the master of martial arts is a compelling scrap from multiple angles, just imagine a stoned Diaz trash talking Bruce Lee, it makes you giddy to think about. Could Bruce Lee actually trane in UFC successfully, or would he be another flop? God-damn it ! I want this fight.

Tom Kilmister – Khabib Nurmagomedov Vs a Real Grizzly Bear

Realistically, who is going to see a fight between Nurmagomedov and a Grizzly and think “nah i’ll skip it” we’ve all seen the videos so lets get those two locked into the Ganryu-jima MOAT.

Rei – Gomi Takanori Vs Norifumi ‘Kid’ Yamamoto

Rip… Kid Forever !!!

Honourable Mentions Chosen by StipeTapped Fans

@kindofakkbfan – Tony Ferguson Vs Lando Vannata 2

Did you see their last fight? Both of these maniacs are 100% capable of engaging in literal medieval style battle in the octagon. Who cares about rankings and all that BS, book it for two weeks time, openweight it… JUST BLEED !!!

@Please_theCourt – Stipe Vs Overeem 2 “Unsettled Business

@TheFightGeekMMA – Nick Diaz Vs Matt Hughes

@philthemmadude – Tony Ferguson Vs Max Holloway (Interim)

@Tek_Nik – Khabib Nurmagomedov Vs Tony Ferguson