5 Embarrassing Things That Happen In Cage Fights

The sport of Mixed Martial Arts, is a forever unforgiving one. In an instant you’re on the top of the world, towering over like Jack from the Titanic, then you make one petty mistake and you are floating lifeless and frozen, also like Jack from the Titanic.

However, it’s not just fight performance that counts. Sometimes there are moments that are forever locked in the minds of MMA fans, these moments are not formed from a victorious victory or laughable loss. These moments of sheer embarrassment can never be lived down. With that, here are a list of the top 5 embarrassing things that can happen in MMA.

5: Having your name mispronounced

This may not seem big, however this can still be embarrassing. With competitors being drafted in from all over the globe; MMA, has some pretty complicated names to pronounce. Names like Zabit Magomedsharipov to Joanna Jedrzejczyk, can leave your head spinning. Unless you are Oscar De La Hoya. Then you have trouble with names of legends too. Either way few things suck more than constantly saying your name for people.


4: Being confused for another fighter

Science says that there are likely about 6 other people in the world who look exactly like you. That must have tricked an MMA media member who asked a question to the wrong fighter. This happened after UFC 195, when an apparently blind reporter mistook Albert Tuminov for Robbie Lawler. Now I get it, they both wear beanies, however in the words of the great Ed Lover, “C’mon son!”

3:  Slips and Trips

Let’s be honest, when it comes to athletics, I’m a circus act. However, watching an athlete take an “L” through falling is pure comedy. It happens at various levels of skill, and while doing various moves and trying different things. Just like I laugh at the kid slipping on ice, I laugh at people falling in a cage. It is only fair. However, to be a fighter in that situation can not feel great.


 2: Wardrobe Malfunctions

Although Reebok has worked to improve their clothing, the company will forever be known for sucking. They constantly fumble the ball, as seen with the early days of the UFC deal; through misspelling names, or by having poor quality products. The latter was the case for a few fighters like Angela Magana and Elizabeth Phillips. Even the great Ronda Rousey said she had to adjust herself mid-armbar to avoid a Super Bowl-esque nip slip.

1: Losing control of bodily functions

What’s a StipeTapped list without something gross? Nothing in this world is more embarrassing than being a grown adult and losing control of your body. Throwing up in front of a crowd of thousands is a bad look, but that doesn’t even compare to taking a trip to brown town like “The Soldier of Poo” Yoel Romero did back in 2014. That’s about as embarrassing as it gets.



Now we can point and laugh together, because we are all terrible people. What did I miss? What are some your favourite most embarrassing moments? Let us know!