StipeTapped Staff Picks: Bellator 214

For our inaugural fight week picks, we decided to vocalise our feelings about Bellator 214 (Bader Vs Fedor). We’ve chosen who we think are going to win and why so.

We’re also going to be storing these pick in a leader-board to see who the StipeTapped fight pick kingpin truly is.

Ciro Crispinos Picks:

Ryan Bader  – It’ll be hilarious if when he leaves the promotion with 2 belts.
Aaron Pico – Because he is simply the second coming.
Jack Hager – His opponent looks like my postman.
Ricky Bandejas  – He has inherited the indignation of the fans from his last fight and it will fuel him.
El-Tamini – Because his last name is more interesting than the other guy.

Derek Halls Picks:

Ryan Bader – Because of a masturbation joke I made earlier
Aaron Pico – because Jon Jones gave him some PICOgrams
Jack Hager –  He was really good at fake fighting so he must be good at the real thing
Ricky Bandejas – Because he beat up James Gallagher and fook that guy
Brandon McMahon – He has a losing record and doesn’t even have a picture on Sherdog so why not

Desmond Maddens Picks:

Fedor Emelianenko – Fedor is the GOAT & anyone who roots against him is evil
Aaron Pico – Hardcore fans talk about him like he’s good, just so they can sound intellectual. So I’m in the bandwagon too
J.W Kisser – Lol, why not ? #DadBod4Life
Ricky Bandejas – He slaughtered Gallagher, so… go Ricky ! I guess
Adel El-Tamini – I know nothing about either dude, so I flipped a coin to pick this one.

JE Snowdens Picks:

Elects to only participate if Stipe does too.

***Update*** Stipe isn’t participating in our picks. Smh.