8 Strange Fist Fights We Want To See In 2019

With 2019 MMA off to a flying start with the beheading of TJ Dillashaw, we decided it was best to ponder the matchups we’d love to view during this celestial spin; yet we likely won’t due to petty promotional malpractice. 

 Israel Adesanya Vs Gregard Mousasi

Israel Adesanya is the swagest fighter maybe in all the multiverse. The dude oozes slickness from every conceivable pore. I think we match Israel against Gegard; mainly because Gegard is a cool mofo too. I know they’re both in rival promotions, but who gives a shit ? Give each man a big enough wad of cash and they’ll fight it out.

Derrick Lewis Vs Brock Lesnar

Two ambitious, confident heavyweight slugging machines. With Lesnar now clear to fight in the UFC this year, he will be trying to rebuild his reputation of being one of the worlds most dangerous men. The Black Beast is also seeking redemption after being embarrassed and man handled by DC. The fight could be an all-time epic, as Lewis has the one hit kill ability whilst Lesnar has the grind you to death on the ground ability

Al Iaquinta Vs Nate Diaz

This is the thirst trap of combat; blood sport connoisseurs around the globe would certainly salivate uncontrollably if this barnyard brawl of a fight was announced by the UFC. Both dudes would literally box the face off the each other, and we’re super down for it.

Zabit Magomedsharipov Vs Yair Rodriguez

Okay, maybe this isn’t a weird fight; but we NEED to see it more than anything else. These two hungry prospects would likely go kamikaze on each other, once locked alone in an octagon. Both fighters are agile and quick with their footwork, whilst also being dedicated showmen inside the octagon. Meaning someone’s getting knocked ‘The Fook’ out, regardless of what happens. 

Nathaniel Wood Vs Ryan Hall

Two of the greatest prospects in the UFC must collide sooner rather than latter. Nathaniel Wood embraces the sadly lost ‘Just Bleed’ culture of combat, whilst Ryan Hall is a jiu jitsu ace; who’s bigger than Wood. But as history has taught us, size doesn’t always matter, let them bang it out for some fun. 

Gohan Saki Vs Ovince Saint Preux

Have you ever seen either guy fight before ? If not, basically they’re do or die fighters; who go insane in the opening minutes. Though Gokhan is coming off a loss we still think he has the fire within him to take on someone like OSP. In the chaotic world of MMA we wouldn’t mind seeing this fight happen.

 Justin Gaethje vs Anthony Pettis

Who doesn’t like watching Justin ‘The King of Violence’ Gaethje ? Anthony Pettis was on a good run of late ***cough cough*** before Tony Ferguson sliced and diced him to pieces. We think the MMA Gods should bless us with this matchup, as there’s guaranteed insanity. 

 Kevin Lee Vs Clay Guida

With Kevin Lee coming off a loss to Al Iaquinta, we think he will definitely be passionate towards redeeming himself and I believe that this would be the perfect fight to do so in. Guida is a more experienced fighter whilst Lee is possibly a more passionate one. this would definitely be a fight to look out for.